Curling comes to Czarny Dunajec for the third time! More info soon.


Join us at open practice sessions!

In march 2019 we're waiting for you and your friends at the Czarny Dunajec ice rink. Let us show you the world of curling! You can try sliding the granite stone on the ice, sweeping the ice and, last but not least, the incredible emotions of teamplay. We'll provide you with the know-how, equipment and instruction, your part is to have fun!

Curling is for absolutely everyone! The beauty of this game is that it gives equal opportunities to children and adults of all ages,women and men, people with and without disabilities. Just make sure you have warm clothes and comfy shoes – and come and enjoy!

We're waiting for you, your friends and family:

  • 17th March at 5:15 PM
  • from 18th March to 23th March at 5 PM
  • 24th March - Family festival 10 AM - 1 PM
  • from 26th March to 28th March at 5 PM.

All practice sessions are 2 hours long, there is no need for prior registration – just be there! Ticket price: 10 PLN (regular), 6 PLN (discount) are sold immediately before the sessions. On Sundays free entry!


Have you and your friends done your first steps in curling and would like to play a game? You haven't tried yet, but you're looking for some fun activity for an afternoon or evening? You've got some skills and potential and want to improve?

Contact us to arrange a dedicated practice session just for your group! We'll adjust the program to your skill level and experience. You can learn how to play, have a shot contest or a mini-tournament!


Love to cheer for your team? Curious to see experienced players play and new stars be born? Prefer watching live sports to sitting in front of a screen?

Join us on the stands to watch the games! It's the only opportunity to watch curling in whole Lesser Poland!

15th – 17th March – 2. Mixed Doubles Tournament

29th – 31th March – 3. Podhale Curling Cup (Teams)

Free entry!


It's time to break the ice! Would you like your team to participate in a perfect team building activity, a game that doesn't discriminate by neither age, sex, nor physical ability?

We can organize a perfect curling-based team building activity for any company or institution. In March 2019 you have a unique opportunity to can have fun together, get to know each other better and strengthen relationships over a game of curling. Two or three hours of playing in friendly atmosphere is a great social event for your employees and business partners.

We'll cater to your individual needs, offer convenient hours and provide know-how and equipment, as well as instruction adjusted for the group's skill level. Contact us for more information


Culing is a sport that doesn't discriminate – be it by age, sex or physical ability. Therefore it is a perfect choice for school classes or extra-curricular activities for children, Girls, boys, women and men can all participate in the same integrating event!

Schools and youth organisations are welcome to join us for our unique curling classes! They can last one or two hours and will be an unforgettable and unique experience for the participants. See you on ice!


Gain popularity among locals and visitorsfrom all around Poland! The events last for 17 days and comprise open sessions for hundreds of locals and tourists, company events, two tournaments and a sports camp – a large and diverse group of recipients for your message!

Support our event! It's a perfect promotional opportunity for your brand, products ans services. Contact us for more details!


We have professional curling shoes for sale - you can try them on and buy on the spot.

The shoes for sale are Asham Rental Curling Shoe-Red Brick. Price: 400 PLN. More info on the manufacturer's website. Shoes can be found in our office in the ice rink. You can also contact us by email (


Krakowski Klub Curlingowy


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Lodowisko przy Szkole Podstawowej w Czarnym Dunajcu
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Date: 15-31 March 2018



Krakowski Klub Curlingowy

The date was October 5th, 2002 when a group of young people founded Krakow Curling Club (Krakowski Klub Curlingowy). It was due to a common goal which was promoting curling – at that times almost unknown in Poland yet very interesting sport discipline – that after a couple of months of hard work the Club was officially registered on March 11, 2003. Since that day Krakow Curling Club has officially been recognised as a sport club, to be the first and only one in Krakow and one of the firsts in Poland!

From the very beginning Krakow Curling Club has actively been taking part in creating curling environment not only in Krakow but Poland as well. In the year of 2005 Polish Curling Association (Polski Związek Curlingu) was established and the Club was one of the co-founders.

Throughout its existence Krakow Curling Club is continually growing and evolving. The most important steps are mentioned below. In November 2003 the eight members went to Warsaw for the first curling practices! In 2004 two teams from Krakow Curling Club took part in the 1st Curling Championship in Poland. One of them reached 6th place, which automatically promoted it to the next season finals. From the following year the trainings in Gliwice were organized. In 2006 curling was played for the first time in Krakow! During the event called „Winter Holidays with Curling” and organised by the Club, children and teenagers could get familiar with curling during a set of open trainings. Since 2008 the Club members have been practicing locally, in Krakow, having its own equipment and ice accessibility. Since 2010 however they may either participate in camps organized by the Club in Pawłowice on a dedicated curling rink.

Krakow Curling Club is competing every year in Polish Curling Championships and other local senior, junior and mixed tournaments. The Club is also present in international bonspiels, teams from Krakow were playing in Tallin, Riga, Prague, Budapest, Cieszyn or Brasov.

Among the sport successes there are gaining the 3rd place in the 3rd Polish Curling Championship and the 6th place in the 1st Polish Curling Championship (team KKC1) and 2nd place in Junior Curling Championship (K. Nowakowski).


Polska Federacja Klubów Curlingowych

The aim of the Federation is to assist in the development of curling in Poland by means of: popularizing the game of curling throughout the country, organizing national curling bonspiels, organizing camps and courses for athletes, instructors, ice-makers and umpires and supporting existing curling clubs and individuals interested in founding new ones